Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Choose the Best Computer Backpack

If you're looking to purchase a computer backpack there's an endless selection to choose from online. You can find computer bags in every size, style and color you can dream of. There are some companies who will even allow you to design your own laptop bag if they don't have something you like in their standard stock. When you're deciding what type of computer bag to purchase there's a few considerations you might want to think about before you spend your money.

The first thing you want to look at is the size of the computer backpack. Is it big enough for your computer? You don't want a bag that's too small otherwise you're computer won't fit. If the bag is too large your laptop will not sit securely in the bag and could get damaged during your travels. A lot of backpacks have a way to strap or hold down your computer tightly against the bag. This prevents it from banging against anything else you might have in your bag. Some backpacks make it easier to pull your computer out of the bag than others. This might be an important consideration if you need to take your computer out of the bag several times a day.

Some computer backpacks come with a protective shell which adds an additional layer of padding against your laptop. While this does a lot to keep your computer safe it does create additional weight for you to carry around. Although the extra insurance might be worth it if you do a lot of traveling during your commute to work or school. You also want to do everything you can to protect your laptop which is a big investment especially if you have a lot of important files stored on it.

There are many different styles of computer backpacks including briefcases, messenger bags, and the traditional backpack style that includes straps to go over your shoulders. The type of laptop bag you choose depends on your style and what else you need to carry along with your computer. If you need to transport cables and a small printer in addition to your laptop you'll definitely need to invest in a larger type of computer backpack. Something like a slim briefcase probably isn't going to work for you. Some of the larger bags also have room for additional items like notebook paper, writing utensils, and other electronic accessories like an iPod or Nintendo DS.

While style is an important consideration when selecting which computer backpack to purchase you want to make sure that your laptop is kept safe and secure during your travels. If you'd like to read more about some of the more popular types of laptop bags including Swiss Gear computer backpacks visit the Computer Backpacks Outlet for more information