Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Superman no more

Yes that's right. The 1980's Superman, Christopher Reeves died of heart failure at the age of 52. I wouldn't be too interested except for the fact that he was one of the biggest supporters of stem-cell research and I think that stem cell research is a good thing too. But hopefully in a few months one of stem cell research's bigest supporters will hopefully be lost, or more correctly will have lost. I am talking of course of George W. Bush Jr. and the November elections.

On the more down to earth side, I'll be uploading a list of my favourite blogs to the right hand panel in a few days. Maybe I'll put in another link or two as well. Spread Firefox has embarked on it's third publicity campaign. Head over and take a look if you like. But since it'll take more resources and time than I have, I'll have to stay out entirely. Unfortunately, I haven't been too active in the last two campaigns, so my profile is pretty low. Oh well, I hope that someone's at least intersted in my Blogger profile!

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