Thursday, September 30, 2004

My friend got a supercomputer

Actually, no. But compared to my dinosaur, it is a supercomputer. Here are the specs:
    • 3 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 FX
    • Asus motherboard
    • 2 GB RAM
    • GeForce FX 5700 128MB (which he's going to upgrade to a 6800 Ultra in a few months)
    • Windows XP Professional 64-bit
    • 15" LCD Monitor
It was his birthday today and he called me and another friend over. I got my first peep at Doom 3 on his new computer. Even with all that Windows still flashed a "low memory" warning after we quit Doom 3. And Unreal Tournament 2004 looked absolutely stunning, with all the graphics set to high. I envy people with such great computers.

Time for some more tech news. Here's an article about a new data storage technology that stores a terabyte of data on a disk the size of a CD. This brings some pretty interesting conclusions. CDs lasted from approximately 1995-2003/04. DVD's have started taking over from 2003 and already the Blu-Ray format is about to make its debut. Considering that at the earliest this new disk will be available in 2010, that means that the time a particular format stays in vogue, is gradually decreasing. Should we start saying good bye to our hard disks? Hmmm...

And to top it all off, Spread Firefox has started its second publicity campaign after reaching 2 million downloads in 10 days. This time around they want 10,000 users to sign up at the Spread Firefox site. You get yourselves a Drupal ID, a simple free blog and a few other goodies that come with being part of an online community. To sign up just go This campaign is going a bit slow, so please direct everyone you know to this entry (or the site itself), and help spread the fire.

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