Friday, November 20, 2015

Prepaid International Calling Cards

If you are a talkative person and like to keep in touch with friends and family abroad, a prepaid calling card will help you control the outflow of money to a large extent. You can make international calls for a fixed amount of time and fixed rates, though the rates will differ depending on the caller and receiver countries. These are very useful when you are traveling abroad and make a call back home. You can choose a card after considering the total amount of money you have to spend, the reliability of the company and the features available on the card.

Businessmen, tourists and travelers frequently use Continental Phone Card when they visit different countries at one stretch. The advantage of this card is that you can call back to the United States from more than 130 different countries in the world and for reasonable rates. Denominations of the card are available at $7 - $250, with free connection and no maintenance fee. Card expires if no refill within 6 months. Calls are rounded off to the 3 minutes and charged accordingly.

Bizon Phone Cards have denominations starting from $10 and round your calls off for 1 minute. You don't need to pay anything but the charge for your calls. You can use the card from from Canada, USA - Continental, USA - Hawaii. An advantage of this card is Connectivity & Voice Quality.

If you are using a Master Cent Phone Card - is valid within 6 months from last refill is devoid of any connection fee. The calls are rounded off at 3 minutes and You get low calling rates to many countries with high quality connections, Online Call History access, as well as Local and Toll Free Access numbers.

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