Saturday, September 25, 2004

Me, Myself and Mine

Well, enough of my blog. Now a little bit of me. My profle on the right says all that I have to say about myself. I've had my computer for about 3 years now. It's an old Pentium 3 550Mhz with just 128 MB of RAM. I've got an Epson Printer and a Sony CD-RW drive.

My software isn't much to brag about, but I like it. Windows XP SP1, with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird as my browser and e-mail app respectively. But I'm hoping to get Red Hat Linux soon. By the way, I was among the first 200,000 to get the Firefox 1.0 PR version. This amazing little piece of software has racked up 2 million downloads in ten days. Microsoft, watch out. I've just dound this great blogging tool called w.bloggar which lets me write my blogs offline and then post without ever coming to the site. Besides this blog, I also write a personal diary with Diary Defender, which is undoubtedly the best diary software I've come across.

That pretty much does it for today. As you can see, I'm quite a techno-geek, so be prepared for some techno-stuff in the days to come.

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