Monday, October 11, 2004

Yes, I'm alive

Yes folks, I am alive and so is this blog. First my apologies for being off for so long. But my modem wasn't working right and so I had to wait to get it fixed. But it is fixed and so I'm back and I'll try to stick to my original intentions of posting as regularly as possible.

Now some news. First some more Microsoft news. They have apparently pushed back their release of MSN messenger 7.0 to fix a security issue. At least Microsoft is finally beginning to make efforts to fix something instead of sending a buggy product out into the market.

Something more interesting is this. So desktops are getting smaller, much smaller. Maybe we'll actually have full-fledged wearable computers by the time I'm thirty.

I'll be back again soon. If you have something interesting, please contact me by leaving a comment. Suggestions for links/articles etc. are always welcome.

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