Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Power down

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting for a few days. Unfortunately my computer at home isn't working. I suspect that it's the power supply at the back and that it might need to be changed. A person's going to come and look at it today in about an hour. Should be up and running by tomorrow or day after. The worst part is that I'm on after-exam holidays and that I'm really bored without my computer. Just reading some books, watching the TV and just sitting around. I was just sitting down to a game of Age Of Empires 2 after almost a year and after about 20 or so minutes the computer shuts off without a fuss and I'm left staring at a black screen. Still staring.

In better news my readership is growing, at least when compared to when I first started. I must be doing somehting right this time. Maybe I'm posting a bit more varied or that I've signed up to a number of things like the Blogs for Firefox blogroll and link2blogs. Also I've got loads of referrals from other blogs. Just see the referrer list on the left. Anyway, I'm just happy. For those of you who are returning visitors I've changed my profile somewhat to reflect the "changing me". Hope it gets a better picture of me across.

I'm on a public computer right now. I'll be back once my computer's back up again. See you all then. Bye.

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