Sunday, October 17, 2004

I've been playing around

I've finally got some time to play around with the Internet and the blog. First off, the Internet. I've found this great Zip program called ALZip 5.5 thanks once again to Techtree. Normally I found Windows XP's default zipping tool good enough for the little use that I put it to. But it can get really irritating at times, since it apparently lacks the functionality to extract just one or two files. You have to extract the whole file whether you like it or not and it simply can't remember extract paths. And somehow, I never really liked WinZip much. But ALZip makes all those problems go away. It supports 35 formats, including of course TAR, RAR, TGZ, and ZIP. It allows to create executable files without any extra cost and the best thing is, it's absolutely free. Long live free software!

Now for the site, I've managed to finally add the link panel to some blogs that I like. I'll be updating it and I'll start to post reviews about the blogs from tomorrow. I'm also trying to make a favicon, it I can figure out how. If anyone knows, please tell me. Will be back with more stuff tomorrow.

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