Friday, October 15, 2004

My first case of blogger's block

Well, it happened something like this. Yesterday and the day before I sat down at my computer to write up a blog entry, and lo and behold, I simply couldn't write. No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't figure out what to put up. The cause of this was most probably that I hadn't founf anything interesting to talk about. Those of you who have your won blogs and websites must know hoe irritating it is to not be able to write something no matter how hard you try.

Since my attempts at writing something interesting have boiled down to nothing, I decided to make a post about how frustrating it is put up a post. If any of you have similar experiences, do tell me. I might put one or two up here. Here's a short of list of things that I'll be putting up in the days to come:
1. Some more news-related posts.
2. A link panel to some interesting blogs.
3. A post or two about the blogs themselves.

So folks, keep watching this blog for upcoming changes. As always, feel free to leave suggestions.

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